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Hilarious Wet Cement Events You Should Know About.

People find humor in almost anything and wet cement is one of those things because you can catch comic actors doing scenes where they drive into or slip through it. The fact that there is humor in it might make you think that there is no way this can be true in real life. You will be surprised at how many of these fails take place on a daily basis. Here is a collection of these incidents that will make you laugh your heart out. When children are learning how to walk, there is so much they have to overcome. One thing is for sure though, there will always be something to laugh at when you bring children and buildings together. Adults know that concrete should be given time to dry out but children do not recognize this and they will walk right through it. Getting mad at the kids is not easy given their innocence talk and faces and if you want to have some solid reminders of who they were as children in the future, you should leave the marks they have made in place.

Orange cones placed on a pathway are not a decoration and you should get the idea the moment you see them. It can also be a way for stubborn people to learn the lesson the hard way. One woman who ignored these cones to park her fancy Lexus came to learn that it was on a wet concrete slab. As easy as it was for her to park the car, getting it out of the spot was tough. Once the situation got serious, the police were called who proceeded to call for the repair crew and there was no way the woman could say she did not see the orange cones because they were many. If you check online photos of the incident, you can see the woman sitting quietly in the vehicle wondering how to get out of the mess given the vehicle belonged to a lawyer. Thus, think twice before knocking over orange cones on your path because they might not be just a nuisance.

Tripping in public can be embarrassing and if you have been in such a situation it is likely that you tried to cover it up. A kid found himself in the situation and for your amusement, he left evidence. Paul Ahem managed to get the unique impression the child made on the wet cement and share it on Instagram for everyone to see. The impression involves splayed hands, an impression of a cartoonish face and a depression where the handlebars and wheel were embedded. There were no neighbors to witness the event and film it but it is clear that the child was in his scooter.