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Reasons You Should Educate Your Child About Lockdown Drills

Lockdown drills are becoming more popular in schools all over the country which can be scary for small children but is important since it is their safety which is at stake. As much as you want your child to learn, you should also take certain strategies so you can effectively teach them about lockdown drills so they will not be scared when there is an emergency plus it is the knowledge that will help them in the future. Most of the times parents are encouraged to talk about lockdown drills when the child is still young so when something happens they will not panic and cause havoc in the school.

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When explaining things to your child, you should make sure the information you provide is truthful because children never forget easily and wrongful information may lead to wrong decisions.In most incidences, a lot of people normally get hurt since they could not contain themselves and do things without thinking of other people who are in a similar situation. When explaining you should not be negative and resist answering their questions and if you are not sure about the information then you can tell them you will research more and get to them without fail.

Parents are also advised to use examples that the child is familiar with like fire drills which are mostly performed in most public schools so children learn about safety. your child will respond to your body language so make sure you are calm and comfortable until you are done explaining then see how what they think. People should explain more about lockdown drills to their children so they know it meant for everybody in the facility and is practiced to ensure everybody is safe even when they are falling off their bike.

You should inform your child that lockdown drills are in place for serious reasons and convince your child that they should not worry since it is only meant for practice but they will often have questions. Children will feel that their teachers are in control of the situation but sometimes they might see potential harm that the children cannot see and that is why they should ensure their safety through a lockdown drill. When there are an emergency people help each other so they can take control of the situation and that is why you should encourage your child to be a helper while some school’s students wear whistles on their school lanyards.

If you want you can use lanyards with the same color so you know the class the students belong to plus it will help if they are printed with the phone number.